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firstly let us itroduce ourselves to you;
we are the extension of deeply rooted gernerations which work in the commerce field. our commercial activiyt has begun by our great grand father Mr. Esmaeel Asad El-Daor (1896-1963) the founder of  of El-Daor companies (EL-DAOR GROUP) 1938. since then we have taken the burden on our shoulders to develope this gruop uptill now that it is has about 11 organization that is very successful.  this is the fruit of hublot replica a major effort that has lasted for decades in the field of commerce and manufacturing and distributing textiles, ready made clothes, wovens, and babies needs in mass production.

with the natural development of the mother company Al-Modather group in September 1987 and we have payed a special attention to the trade of ready made clothes in mass production and all our products was very carefully selected with the finest raw materials for the elite of rolex replica factories and producers.  we sincerly work to acheive this difficult equation to afford the good quality and the suitable price in addition to the long life for our products .

we have speciallized in importing and exporting spindles and the clothes accessories and the threads for embroidery.
in thursday October 3rd 2003 a new star in the world of fashion was born that is Al-Modather ware house in Nasr City to facilitate for all our clients.
accordingly we go ahead in acheiving our goals to finish what we have started developing and finishing with limitless espirations based upon a group of aims/goals and future plans through which we try not to save any effort to serve our clients in the local market. also it is planned that we are to expand our activity to include many countries.  we are about to construct branches in different countries especially under the political, scientific and the  international industrial agreements, the GAT agreement, the agreement of the world trade, and opening to the outer world.
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